Your taste reflect who you are as a person.
Your interests are shaped by your experiences and upbringing that made you the individual you are today.
It shouldn't be about having superior taste.
It shouldn't be about showing off how much knowledge you have, and it definitely shouldn't be about showing how much smarter you are than other people.
It should be about keeping an open mind, embracing individuality and most of all,to think something.

You didn't make me interested in you.
You made me interested in me.
Turns out you're just a thing.
You're a reflection.
And you know who loves staring at their own reflection?

The insight of reading makes me seeing it all clearly, the past, the present, the future...


"I like living, breathing better than working."
                                                                     ——Marcel Duchamp

"There is no solution because there is no problem."
                                                                                 ——Marcel Duchamp

"Why so serious?"
                             ——Jack Nicholson


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