G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero TV

  • 中文名: 特种部队:美国英雄
  • 话数: 5
  • 放送开始: 1983-09-12
  • 播放结束: 1983-09-16
  • Copyright: Hasbro
  • imdb_id: tt0231626


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In this first GI Joe film, the team must contend with COBRA who, after a successful raid for a special broadcast satellite, now threatens the world with a teleportation devise called the MASS devise which can snatch anything seemingly out of existence around the world as well as normal teleportation. GI Joe find the original designer of the device who advises the only way to counter that weapon is to build a MASS device of their own. However to do that, three rare exotic elements are needed to power the device properly. Now the team must race around the world and find those supplies, while battling COBRA who has the same need for them as well.

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