This Is Us Season 2

ep.15 The Car

时长: / 首播:2018-02-06
Jack buys a costly Wagoneer because his young children love it. The Pearsons, going to see "Weird Al" Yankovic, slowly cross a bridge Rebecca fears. Jack drives Rebecca, awaiting MRI results, to his "favorite tree” (nearest a pay phone); Rebecca is fine, as Jack anticipated. Jack predicts he will die first; he asks to be outside, not buried. The brothers fight during Randall's driving lesson; Jack exhorts them to be close like him and his brother, who died in Vietnam. Jack drives truant Kate to Alanis Morissette's autograph session; they compare Morrissette with Bruce Springsteen. Rebecca drives the teenagers to Jack's funeral, stalking the urn because she was not in Jack's room when he died. Dr. K—married to Anne—attends; he tells Rebecca Jack often sought his advice and she has always been strong. Kate decides to give away her dog; Rebecca affirms that Jack's death is not Kate's fault—Jack made his own decisions. The brothers bicker over manly duties; Rebecca tells them to remain teenagers; they make peace. The Pearsons scatter Jack's ashes at the tree; Kate keeps some. Jack had purchased Springsteen tickets for that night; Rebecca drives the family to the concert—crossing the bridge.