Bubbles 泡泡

  • 简体中文名: 泡泡
  • 性别:
  • 引用来源: 英文维基+百度百科


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Bubbles (voiced by Tara Strong in the series and by Kath Soucie in the What a Cartoon! episodes) is "the cute one". Her personality is "sugar", her signature color is light blue, and she has blond hair worn in pigtails. She was named for her cute and bubbly personality, as revealed when she giggled after the Professor named Blossom. Her best friend is a stuffed octopus doll she calls "Octi".

She exhibits the ability to both understand and speak foreign languages (Japanese, Spanish), as she can read and understand Japanese manga and understand people who speak Spanish. Bubbles can also communicate with various animals (cats, squirrels and even monsters). However, the episodes "Super Zeroes" and "Nuthin' Special" illustrate that in the above respective languages she uses a word for word translation rather than the thought-for-thought method of people more fluent in foreign languages. She also shows the ability to emit a sonic scream (in the episode "Hot Air Buffoon"). Bubbles can also spit fire as seen in the episode "Simian Says". She will always stand up for (and cuddle with) animals except cockroaches, which she (along with her sisters) finds "icky".

“飞天小女警”中最可爱的角色, 有一把金色的头发,扎成两条短辫子,水蓝色的眼睛,穿着水蓝色的裙子。性格纯真可爱,爱游玩,比较温柔,看似很弱小的她其实拥有强大实力,不过她有时候会太过天真,显得愚笨。和毛毛会发生斗争。她懂得和小动物沟通(尤其是松鼠)。另外,动画比较强调她可以发出“超声波” (Sonic Scream)的能力。



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she can read and understand Japanese manga
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